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There is a lot of complexity involved with the wisdom teeth, and this can result in many patients have lots of questions about their oral condition. If you have a concern regarding your wisdom teeth, our dentist would be happy to provide the answers you need to help you be informed. We are pleased to provide some answers to address frequently asked questions regarding wisdom tooth removal.

How many teeth will I have removed during the procedure?
The number of teeth removed varies per patient, as some people don’t develop all four wisdom teeth, while others need the four teeth to be taken out. Typically, it’s recommended that any wisdom teeth be removed for the greater good of your oral health.

What are my options for anesthesia during the procedure?
The main types of anesthesia are general and local. General anesthesia can cause a groggy feeling during treatment, requiring you to need a ride home at the end of the appointment. Local anesthesia will keep you conscious but comfortable, and our dentist can help you determine the right option for you.

What is the length of time required?
The amount of time required to remove wisdom teeth depends on how many teeth are being extracted during the visit.

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