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At River Rock Dental Group in Belgrade, MT, we utilize 180 degree panoramic dental X-rays to look inside your mouth and evaluate other areas, such as your face and neck. Dr. Timothy R. Lund and our professional dental staff use the information gathered from your X-rays to more thoroughly and accurately diagnose your oral health and create personalized treatment plans.

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Why Are 180 Degree Panoramic Dental X-Rays Important?

180 degree panoramic dental X-rays are essential in helping your dentist get a better picture of your mouth, face, and neck. This type of X-ray provides more information than traditional dental X-rays and helps to diagnose problems unseen by the naked eye. 180 degree panoramic dental X-rays allow us to:

  • Detect any signs of gum disease or periodontal problems 
  • Identify impacted teeth, cysts, or tumors 
  • Evaluate your jawbone and sinuses
  • Diagnose any issues with the alignment of the teeth, jaw, or TMJ 
  • Locate impacted wisdom teeth
  • Check for cavities or other signs of tooth decay

How Are Panoramic X-Rays Different from Other Types?

Unlike traditional X-rays, the 180 degree panoramic X-ray takes a full view of the mouth and jaw. We use it to gain an overall picture of your teeth and surrounding structures in your face and neck. The 180 degree view allows us to get a more comprehensive look at any irregularities or abnormalities that may be present.

At River Rock Dental Group in Belgrade, MT, panoramic X-rays are a critical part of our integrated approach to dental care. The information from these X-rays can help us to create the most effective and personalized treatment plan for you.

What Patients Can Expect from Panoramic X-Rays

Our 180 degree panoramic X-rays use advanced technology in a comfortable and safe setting. The entire process only takes a few minutes, and you can expect to return home right away. They’re an essential part of our comprehensive dental care, and we are proud to offer them in our Belgrade office for your convenience.

The Process

At your appointment, we’ll ask you to stand in front of the X-ray machine, which rotates around your head. Our team may also ask you to hold a bite block in your mouth or tuck your chin as the machine takes several images from different angles. After it takes the photos, it sends them to a computer where our team will analyze them.


At River Rock Dental Group, we perform every X-ray with the utmost safety in mind. Our experienced technicians take every precaution to ensure you receive the lowest possible radiation exposure while obtaining the best quality images.

Personalized Dental Treatment Plans

Once we perform the X-rays, our team evaluates your individual needs and creates a personalized treatment plan that addresses potential issues. We take pride in providing high-quality dental care for patients of all ages and look forward to helping you achieve optimal oral health.

Why Choose River Rock Dental Group?

We strive to provide our patients excellent service and a comfortable dentist’s office experience. Our 180 degree panoramic dental X-rays are just one of the many services we offer to help you maintain your oral health. We are a comprehensive family dentistry clinic that provides high-quality, personalized care for individuals in Belgrade, MT, and surrounding areas.

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Our experienced dental team is proud to offer 180 degree panoramic dental X-rays as a vital part of our services, allowing us to diagnose and treat various oral health issues quickly and accurately. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about how 180 degree panoramic dental X-rays can help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health. We look forward to meeting you!

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