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Dental Technology in Belgrade, Montana

At River Rock Dental Group, we’re committed to providing the latest dental technology, so you always receive the best dental care possible. When you visit Dr. Timothy R. Lund, you can see every tool we regularly use to ensure comfortable and convenient dental care. We welcome you to schedule an appointment with our dentist to learn more about our dental technology in Belgrade, Montana.

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Panoramic Dental X-Rays

Panoramic dental x-rays capture the entire mouth in one image, including teeth, upper and lower jaws, and other surrounding structures. An important diagnostic tool, we use panoramic dental x-rays to view in detail all tissues and identify problems. It covers a broader area and provides valuable information used to plan treatments, such as:

Panoramic x-rays can also identify issues within the oral cavity, including:

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems
  • Impacted teeth, such as wisdom teeth
  • Advanced periodontal (gum) disease

The Process

There’s no special preparation required to receive a panoramic dental x-ray. We may request that you remove eyeglasses or jewelry that could interfere with the small radiation dose. You wear a lead apron as a safety precaution to protect the rest of your body. A highly trained dental team member situates your head between the chin, forehead, and side rests.

Next, the technician aims the beam at your mouth and steps out of the room. The machine rotates 180 degrees from one side of your jaw to the other, producing a small burst of radiation to capture the image. The imaging process lasts only about 12-20 seconds and is fast, painless, and quick. The image produced gives us a clear picture of how to personalize your treatment.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Compared to traditional methods, digital dental x-rays capture images in a safer, more efficient way. The photos are instantly sent to a computer for viewing, where they can be adjusted and magnified as necessary. Its sharp detail allows us to locate small cavities and other areas of concern that traditional x-rays simply cannot.

Since there’s no waiting period, we can diagnose and treat issues faster and more confidently. The clear on-screen images are stored online and can be sent or quickly retrieved from your file. Digital dental x-rays offer the following advantages:

  • Ability to view structures beneath the gum line in detail, such as tooth roots
  • An efficient way to monitor developing teeth
  • No unnecessary chemicals needed to develop traditional film
  • Provides helpful information for diagnosing and treating

How It’s Done

Digital dental x-rays are modern and straightforward. One of our compassionate team members carefully inserts a sensor into your mouth that captures images of your teeth and jaws. Depending on the photos needed, they can readjust the sensor. The images are then directly transferred to a nearby computer for viewing.

Often, we show you the images to provide a visual explanation of our findings and proposed treatment plan. Education is essential in dentistry, and we want to give the most in-depth information possible so our patients can achieve the smiles of their dreams.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera process provides video quality imaging in real-time. Connected to a computer near the dental chair, we insert the pen-shaped wand into your mouth to give you a unique, full-color view of each tooth. It’s one of the most valuable tools, as it brings dentistry to life and provides an honest assessment of your mouth.

We use our intraoral cameras for numerous purposes, such as:

  • Exposing hidden issues. We can highlight problems such as small cavities between teeth by aiming the camera at unique angles.
  • Educating. Since the intraoral camera provides a clear picture in real-time, we can show you areas you may be missing through your at-home oral hygiene regimen.
  • Monitoring progress. Some treatments may take a bit to achieve desired results. The camera helps us monitor the progress.
  • Planning treatments. A picture is worth 1,000 words. We use the camera to explain dental conditions and how we plan to treat them.

How It’s Used

The camera replicates the shape and size of a pen and is covered with disposable plastic to prevent germs from spreading. The wand captures video footage of every tooth and transfers it to the computer. Once on the monitor, we can magnify and pause at any point to explain and highlight noticeable issues.

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