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Family Dentistry in Belgrade

Family dentists provide specialized dental care for patients of all ages. They work to maintain proper oral hygiene for everyone, but have greater experience serving children and adolescents. Each stage of life brings about unique oral health needs, and family dentists are able to address and treat them all.

River Rock Dental Group serves the dental needs of families in the Belgrade, MT area. When you choose our trusted dental practice, every member of your family receives personalized care at the same location, regardless of their age. Our certified and experienced dentist, Dr. Timothy R. Lund, can assist each family member with proper dental hygiene practices, from infancy to adulthood. If you’re looking for a friendly dentist office that can serve all members of your family with industry-leading technology, contact us today!

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Family Dental Group Benefits

The most prominent benefit a family dental group can provide is the ability to schedule all family members’ dentist appointments at the same location. Gone are the days of needing to keep track of various offices that specialize in each individual’s dental needs. Family dentistry practices such as River Rock Dental Group save you time, offering the convenience of “one-stop-shop” dental services.

The focus of family dentists is to educate patients on proper oral hygiene habits at every stage of life. Beginning visits to the dentist at a young age is important for oral health, and a family practice possesses the gentleness, patience, and kindness necessary for treating children. Additionally, as patients enter a new life stage, they can continue visiting the same dentist with whom they’ve established a relationship of trust.

Younger patients have different oral needs than seniors, and a family dentist is able to properly address each as they arise. Through regular checkups every 6 months, family dentists can treat the tooth decay commonly found in a child’s baby teeth in addition to root decay frequently observed in seniors. A detailed record is kept of every family member’s dental care history and needs to guide future treatments.

Comprehensive Dental Services for All

At River Rock Dental Group, we understand the importance of professional dental care. That’s why we provide a wide range of services catered to each patient’s needs. Every individual needing general family dental care receives the following:

  • Dental exams. Professional cleanings are recommended every 6 months. Our dentist will examine your smile and recommend any further treatments according to your needs.
  • Emergency dentistry. Whether you or a family member is suffering from severe pain, has a chipped or knocked out tooth, or experiencing an abscess, our team will provide the utmost care to eliminate the issue as soon as possible.
  • Scaling and root planing. For those with periodontal (gum) disease, scaling and root planing is a common treatment that removes harmful bacteria and sends you on the road to recovery.
  • Tooth extraction. In situations where damage is too severe to preserve your natural tooth, the best option is through extraction in an effort to protect the surrounding teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth removal. Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth are located in the back four corners of your mouth. If they don’t have room to grow properly (impacted), then they will need to be surgically removed.

Other Services We Provide

In addition to general family dental care, River Rock patients may also receive more specialized services. It’s our goal to ensure all oral hygiene needs are met. Other dentistry services we offer include:

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Whatever your age and dental needs, you’re welcome at River Rock Dental Group. We serve families whose members range in age from infancy to golden years. With a vast offering of dental services, you can be confident that you’ll leave our office flashing a beautiful smile. If you’re looking for a friendly dentist practice in Belgrade that will serve every person in your family at the same location, contact us today!

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