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Would you like to restore your oral health and smile with a dental implant? If so, good for you! A dental implant can help you in a myriad of ways. To find out if this treatment is right for you, schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Timothy R. Lund, at your earliest convenience. It’s important that you have a strong and healthy underlying bone in order to restore your oral health with a dental implant. Until your appointment, our dental team is happy to help you know more about this restoration by listing the things it can do for you. It can:

-Replace your missing tooth and fill the gap in your smile

-Enhance your appearance

-Help you speak properly

-Improve your comfort

-Make eating easier and more convenient

-Improve the way you feel about yourself and your appearance

-Boost your oral health (Replacing the missing teeth can prevent the surrounding teeth from drifting out of place)

-Give you a new tooth for many years (This is possible if you keep the implant in tip-top shape)

-Give you a replacement tooth that doesn’t slip or slide around in the mouth. It remains in place

-Keep your jawbone healthy and strong (If you fail to replace missing teeth, the underlying bone can start to deteriorate)

Do you have any questions about dental implants in Belgrade, Montana? If so, please contact River Rock Dental Group and talk to a member of our dental team. We are here to help you in any way we can, so please don’t hesitate to call 406-388-0033 now. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you the information you need!