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Helping to keep your smile safe from the risk of oral accidents and injuries can only go so far. Although it’s essential that you continually implement effective prevention plans and risk assessment routines as much as possible, every once in a while, an oral accident or injury can still arise. If for any reason you have suffered severe injuries to your teeth and gums, you may be able to save your smile if you implement the right tools and the right techniques.

Effective oral emergency care includes making sure you are ready should any more accidents or injuries arise. If you ever get anything stuck between your teeth, an oral accident could easily occur if you try to dislodge it with a product that may be sharp or dangerous for your gums and teeth. Never try to use a pin or any other object to try to poke at the substances between your teeth, but rather use an interdental cleaner such as dental floss or water flosser to try to gently dislodge it.

In instances where you have teeth that have been knocked completely out, it is important to try to collect the tooth, so it may be reinserted into your mouth later. You can put the tooth in a liquid solution such as a cell growth medium, milk, or water with a pinch of table salt. If you inserted the tooth into the liquid solution and you bring it in with you to see your dentist within one hour, you stand the highest chance of having it effectively placed back in its proper socket. Also, make sure to rinse out your mouth if it’s dirty to lower your risk of infections and any potential problems that can arise later.

No matter the oral emergency care you are in need of, Dr. Timothy R. Lund and our team at River Rock Dental Group are here to help you in every way we can. If you would like to set up a visit with our team and come see us at our dental office in Belgrade, Montana, please call us at 406-388-0033 to speak with a member of our team.