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If you are familiar with dental veneers, you may know them as cosmetic shells that are cemented to your front teeth to improve their appearance and help them look and feel healthier. The uses of dental veneers are numerous, from whitening teeth and correcting crookedness to closing minor tooth gaps. Though dental veneers are very durable, showing them proper care can help your smile last several more years.

Dental veneers should be treated as natural teeth, with daily habits of brushing and flossing to keep them clean. Brush for two minutes twice a day using a non-abrasive toothpaste that doesn’t scratch veneers. A toothpaste for sensitive teeth may be most ideal for dental veneers.

To protect your dental veneers, avoiding harmful tooth habits that bring damage, including chewing on ice or your fingernails or opening bottles with your teeth. While these habits should never occur even for teeth without veneers, they could not only damage your natural teeth, but also crack the veneers and cause them to need to be replaced. Certain beverages such as soda and alcohol should be limited to preserve the quality of your dental veneers.

We encourage you to maintain your visits with the dentist to ensure your veneers are in good shape. To speak with Dr. Timothy R. Lund about dental veneer care in Belgrade, Montana, contact River Rock Dental Group at 406-388-0033 today for an appointment.